You & Five-O, LLC is a hands-on interactive presentation that teaches practical strategies to employ when interacting with law enforcement. Our participants learn about their constitutional rights and how to safely interact with officers during vehicle and on-street encounters.


You & Five-O, LLC is a powerfully engaging 90-120 minute workshop designed to educate participants on life-saving interaction with law enforcement and its role in protecting its citizenry. The content of the presentation is appropriate for youth, adults, non-profits, neighborhood organizations, and corporations. It can support participants in re-entry/returning citizens programs. You & Five-O pays homage to the merits of compliance and communication with officers of the law. The primary objective is to promote mutual respect between law enforcement and citizens with the ultimate goal of survival. Topics range from traffic stops to searches, and participants are given ample opportunity to ask questions during and after the presentation. Our workshops can be half or full days; we are flexible to meet the needs of our clients. 

We provide best practices for life-saving interaction with law enforcement.

B.J. Council, Retired Deputy Police Chief and Founder, You & Five-O



"The Youth Advisory Council was overwhelmingly supportive of the presentation with several of the youth specifically stating what an important and timely training this is in light of recent national issues. The atmosphere was one where the youth felt safe to ask questions. The consensus from the BECOMING Youth Advisory Council was that Ms. Council should take the “You & Five-O” message out into the community with the belief that others would benefit from it."


— Jennifer Meade, Becoming Project Supervisor

    Durham, NC 


Interviews with Deborah Holt Noel as WUNC-TV of Black Issues Forum and Sonya Williams Harris of Fox 50/WRAL for Tar Heel Talk

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