Beverly “BJ” Council is the founder and primary presenter of the You & Five-O program. As the first African-American female to achieve the rank of Deputy Chief within the Durham City Police Department, she addresses community challenges slowly and methodically to create lasting change. She created the You & Five-O program to address the rise of deaths that were occurring during interactions between law enforcement and the communities they serve. You & Five-O enables communities/citizens to become empowered by understanding their rights and their role in the philosophy of community policing. When communities/citizens understand this philosophy and their local police departments embrace community policing, both can work towards trust and mutual respect. When this initial step is taken and accompanied with diversity and cultural training within law enforcement, we believe relationships between law enforcement and the citizens they serve are improved.

Meet The Founder

BJ Council

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our Core supporters

  • April Browne, Durham City Police Captain, District Commander & V.P. of You & Five-O

  • Steven Chalmers, Retired Durham City Police Chief, Co-Presenter for You & Five-O

  • Harmony Chavis, UNC-G Undergraduate Student in the School of Social Work

  • Kisha Etheridge, Grant Manager for Durham City Police Department

  • Jacqueline Fountain, Retired Durham City Police Master Officer

  • Robert Fountain, Operations Manager for the Fugitive Extradition Section for N.C. Department of Public Safety

  • Humphrey Truitt, Master of Science, N.C. Criminal Justice General Instructor; Adjunct Professor, Methodist College, Fayetteville, N.C.

  • Ronald Mangum,  Retired Clinical Assistant Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work

  • M. Michaux Parker, Ph.D., Statistical Analyst. Associate Dean,  School of Humanities and Social Sciences Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Criminal Justice & Political Science of Indiana University East, Richmond, Indiana.

  • Crystal K. Roberts, Chief of Communication & Engagement for Johnston County Schools & owner of Mountaintop Productions Public Relations


Special thanks to Greg Scott who urged the founder to seek her passion, thank you Greg, Thanks to the small village of individuals who support the founder's vision.

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