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Beverly “BJ” Council is the founder and primary presenter of the organization You & Five-O, LLC. As the first African-American female to achieve the rank of Deputy Chief within the Durham City Police Department, she addresses community challenges slowly and methodically to create lasting change. She created the You & Five-O program to address the rise of deaths that were occurring during interactions between law enforcement and the communities they serve. You & Five-O enables communities/citizens to become empowered by understanding their rights and their role in the philosophy of community policing. When communities/citizens understand this philosophy and their local police departments embrace community policing, both parties can work towards trust and mutual respect. When this initial step is taken and accompanied with diversity and cultural training within law enforcement, we believe relationships between law enforcement and the citizens they serve are improved.


You & Five-O, LLC is a hands-on interactive presentation that teaches practical strategies to employ when interacting with law enforcement. Our participants learn about their constitutional rights and how to safely interact with officers during vehicle and on-street encounters.


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