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community program

Preparing citizens for encounters with law enforcement

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You & Five-O, LLC is a powerfully engaging, interactive workshop designed to educate participants on life-saving interactions with law enforcement and its role in protecting citizenry. You & Five-O pays homage to the merits of compliance and communication with officers of the law. The primary objective is to promote mutual respect between law enforcement and citizens with the ultimate goal of survival. Topics range from traffic stops to searches, local police departments, police misconduct, and current events.

Participants are encouraged to interact with us, and are given ample opportunity to ask questions, participate in the discussion, and provide feedback during the presentation.

  • Introduction: how & why You & Five-O was created

  • Interactive Discussion: question & answer; encourage conversations from participants about their perceptions of law enforcement

  • Know Your Rights: basic discussion about citizen rights & constitutional laws, including the 4th & 5th amendments

  • Cooperation is Key: discussion about interactions with law enforcement - do's & don'ts; knowing your rights; complying with officers and filing a complaint after, if needed

  • Beliefs: promote the idea that when the community & law enforcement understand each other, relationships improve

  • Hands-on: activities to practice interactions with law enforcement*

*Only during in-person presentations; not currently used ​due to COVID-19


I appreciate BJ's authentic passion for sharing this information. It helps to create a welcoming and safe space for adults and youth to share their unfiltered and honest feelings. Incorporating the local police department in the workshop provided an initial platform to begin to enhance police and resident engagement in the community.

- En’Janet Joseph, Northeast Community Coalition


  •  Increase citizenry knowledge of their constitutional rights 

  • Increase citizenry awareness of laws that govern how officers do their jobs

  • Increase citizenry awareness of the officer’s perspective  


  • Provide information on how to interact with law enforcement

  • Provide information on how to proceed in filing complaints on police misconduct

  • Promote mutual respect and understanding between citizens and law enforcement

You & Five-O aims to keep citizens informed about law enforcement, during and after our presentations, by providing resources on policing, crime, and other relevant topics. Check out our Resources page for more info!


As an advocate for ex-offender reentry programs, You & Five-O has offered great insight for our offenders preparing to reenter society. This is a program that we have piloted with male and female incarcerated inmates. The feedback was overwhelming. Participants felt empowered learning their rights when interacting with law enforcement as well as how situations should be approached.

- Dr. Anthony O. Vann, Deputy Director, N.C. Department of Public Safety Corrections Enterprise

the details

Our workshops are available virtually and in-person. The content of the presentation is appropriate for youth, adults, non-profits, neighborhood organizations, and corporations. Our workshops average 90-120 minutes, but can also be half or full days; we are flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

We prefer a 2 hour time-frame, and ask for a minimum of 90 minutes, so we have plenty of time to answer questions and allow discussion. However, we can split our virtual workshops up into two hour-long sessions if that is preferred. We are careful to practice social distancing and wear face masks when presenting in-person.

​YFO is part of the Durham Police Department's community policing philosophy. Our presentations are offered as part of their community outreach for citizens/groups within city limits. YFO is contracted with DPD to offer a limited number of presentations to those interested at no cost. Contact us for more info!

Let us know what you're looking for. We are happy to adapt and work with you to find the best option for you!


justice served persons

You & Five-O works with Justice Served Persons & Organizations who support them.

We believe that justice served persons have not lost their ability to exercise their rights, so we want to show them how to safely exercise those rights.

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