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You & Five-O, LLC City of Kinston Report Findings

Disproportionate Minority Contact Grant Phase 1

You & Five-O for the period of October 2018-October 2019


This information is the result of pre/post surveys given to participants in the You & Five-O presentations/workshops. This is a summary of the results of the surveys given during this first phase of the grant for the City of Kinston. Detailed analysis and the survey instrument is available upon request. Dr. M. Michaux Parker of Indiana East University is the creator of the survey instrument and analyzes the results.


The Disproportionate Minority Contact grant deliverable performed by You & Five-O:

● 215 participants

● 81.8% were 18 years old or younger

● Before the program:

○ On a scale of 1 to 10, the participants rated their awareness of personal rights as 6.322.

○ On a scale of 1 to 10, the participants rated their average level of comfort during police interactions as 5.95.

○ On a scale of 1 to 10, the participants rated their defiance as 4.05.


● Results from the survey showed that as participants’ awareness of their rights increased, their comfort with the law increased.

● Results from the survey showed that as individual defiance increased, comfort with law enforcement decreased.

● Results also showed that as the participants’ education increase, their level of comfort during interactions with police officers increased.

● After the program:

○ 22.15% increase in awareness of rights after participating in the You & Five-O program.

○ 4% increase in level of comfort with law enforcement after participating in the You & Five-O program.


*This is our most recent analysis. Other data using the same survey instrument are available*

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The You & Five-O program is a necessary educational component that candidly creates a logical roadmap for people to safely interact with law enforcement. The Durham Police Department is a community-oriented policing agency that strives to build mutual trust, respect and cooperation with our residents. Our department found great value in our partnership with You & Five-O, and we support the principles and objectives of the program.

- Cerelyn "C.J." Davis, Former Durham City Police Chief



*Dr. Tonya Van Deinse prepared this brief report to summarize the results of the You & Five O pilot test. She is a researcher & faculty member at UNC Chapel Hill and works on a number of research & evaluation projects related to the criminal justice system however, her work on this evaluation was independent of her role at the university.

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